Years ago, I tackled a book project for the infamous Scott "Gutsy" Tuason. It was a privilege to have worked with him on such a grand retrospective project. Spanning over a decade and with over a selected archive of more than two thousand images—the task was a length process of editing, curating, coffees, and take out. Audrey Carpio, accomplished writer, editor, and now his now-wife, was essential in this process to provide necessary quality control in both images and copy. On the team of five, Audrey and I were the only two who have only a grain of sands worth of marine photography knowhow. Let's say, we were the control group in this instance, the readers who can appreciate the images for their artistic merit. The other two in our band of punks included Niño Carandang and Adrien Uichico, the art post-production manager and curatorial editor, respectively. 


The process, for me, begins with something on paper. A brief, notes, images, what have you. I am old school in not wanting to start on the computer. The image above was the first NFL Draft-like process taken to match the images with each other then in sequence to form the pagination.

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