A few weeks ago, I uploaded my final set of illustrations to the shared drive between me and my clients. A three-week long process that seems to be the gift that keeps on giving. Some may know that I have never called myself an illustrator—nor graphic designer for that matter—but the thought of doing this project was impossible to pass up. I try to maintain that I will only take on projects if I admire the team, brand, project, or product—in mostly in that order. I aim to take away something from at least one of those components.

Team. With a stroke of luck and good timing, the powerhouse people at Third Culture Music + Media considered me for this role. TCM is a company that I truly believe walks beyond the line of what is typical or expected of the Philippine creative landscape. Proving this point, not many agencies would pitch an illustrated social media marketing campaign, let alone one that carried on for weeks. It would be far more usual to have produced a high-budget series of posts starring a bikini-clad it-girl with a beer bottle dripping with condensation while a summer hit plays behind a comedic barkada making eyes at said it-girl. They didn't go there. Not even close.

Brand. I admire the tireless efforts that Ian Paradies, president of Napa Gapa Beverages Corporation, and brewmaster Josh Karten took to produce such a fine, locally-made craft beer. One almost forgets of a time before it existed. The cherry on top is the creative talents of those who have moulded it's identity. Enkapture designed it's ultra-cool logo and corporate identity of which I had to firmly take inspiration from. Mercedes Olondriz, my sister, hand-painted the large mural at the Engkanto Brewery headquarters.

Project. It is important that Filipinos, especially young Filipinos, embrace the parts of our history, culture, and traditions that seems to be getting lost with each new iOS update. Included within those factors is holding on to the folklore that is so wonderful to recall and tell.

Product. The beer, itself, is phenomenal. I was lucky enough to have tasted it early on in the flavour profile development process. Two beers down I was sold and remarkably tipsy.

Cheers, Third Culture Music + Media, Engkanto Brewery (Mikhail, Katrina, Celine), and Enkapture.